Thursday, June 5, 2014

Big Up; the Kampala Sun!

Bebe Cool; Big Size
His Excellency; Bobi Wine

I was a very big fan of The kampala Sun, a weekly tabloid published by the Vision Group. I was however disappointed by their May, 16th edition where Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool faced the Celebrity Death Match! Bobi Wine was awarded 20% and Bebe Cool 80%

This could have been okay until one read the details:

Round one: Fashion            Bebe 60% Bobi 40%
Round 2: Big mouth,           Bebe 55% Bobi 45%
Round 3: homes/wives        Bebe 30%  Bobi 70%
Round 4: Fans                    Bebe 30%  Bobi 70%
Round 5: Heights                Bebe 65%  Bobi 35%    
Round 6: Inspiration           Bebe 49%  Bobi 51% 

Totals                                  Bebe 289  Bobi 311

Average                              Bebe 48.2%  Bobi 51.8%       

The Kampala Sun verdict: Bebe 80% Bobi 20%
Give us a break, this is not politics where people vote differently and electoral commission announces different results.

Question: what could have been the motive of The Kampala Sun?

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