Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Truth About Meetings — And It’s Ugly

The Truth About Meetings — And It’s Ugly

The Truth About Meetings — And It’s Ugly

By Jackson Chung
Meeting are meant to be productive, right? But the truth is, people chat at meetings, ideas come and go, and unless someone diligent is around to chair the meeting, nothing gets followed up. In the end, meetings turn out to be a waste of time — just people sitting around, chatting, wasting hours of precious time (even preparing for it). Approximately 15 percent of your time working in any company is spent in meetings. That number is more than doubled for middle managers, while executives spend 50% of their time stuck in meetings.
So, are meetings necessary? What do you think? Can you actually organise an effective meeting?
ugly truth about meetings   The Truth About Meetings    And Its Ugly
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