Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bloody Brilliant....!

Newly married husband puts a notice in front of his residence:


 No longer needed. Got married. 
 Wife knows EVERYTHING...with backup server called  "Mother In Law "

Health Food Substitutes

Whether you're health conscious or a little overweight or blessed with a speedy metabolic rate, keeping an eye on your diet is always recommended. Cutting down your food intake isn't always the answer. All it takes is a sensible substitute. Here are a few suggestions for healthy substitutions:

Healthy Food Substitutes

Gelatine desserts vs. cakes and brownies

We all know just how rich cakes and brownies can be and that these rich delicacies leave us poorer in health. Gelatine desserts can be a delicious and healthy alternative. They not only leave you with stronger and shinier hair and nails, but are said to help with metabolism and muscle growth. The collagen that gelatine contains in said to be excellent for joint movement as well as moisturizing skin, keeping it smooth and fi rm .

Yogurt vs. cream

Yogurt contains bacteria which helps in digestion. This bacteria also boosts the immune system and prevents the growth of a lot of ha rm ful bacteria. Yogurt also feels a lot lighter than cream.

Healthy Food Substitutes

Brown bread vs. White bread

Red sauces vs. white sauces

Apart from the obvious reason that creamy white sauces are more likely to add on the kilos than the tangy red ones, the cooked tomatoes that make up the red sauce are said to contain the antioxidant lycopene which is good at preventing cancer and heart diseases.

Granola bar vs. candy bar
Healthy Food Substitutes

White meat vs. red meat
Red meat as we know contains a lot of ha rm ful fats that lead to heart diseases. White meat on the other hand has no such issues and is also a good source of proteins.

Brown rice vs. white rice

Frozen yogurt vs. ice cream

Frozen yogurt and ice cream aren't very different. They both contain similar sweeteners and about the same calories. They are both sources of calcium and protein. The difference lies in the cultures present in the yogurt. As mentioned above, these cultures assist in many digestive functions. Although frozen yogurt is a narrowly healthier choice when compared to ice cream, it should be kept in mind that this type of food is as fattening as ice cream.

Healthy Food Substitutes

Olive oil vs. margarine
Olive oil like margarine is fattening. The difference lies in olive oil's antioxidant properties. These properties reduce the risk of heart diseases by lowering LDL cholesterol levels and increasing HDL cholesterol levels. Margarine on the other hand increases HDL levels thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.

Soya-based products vs. meat
It sure looks like it! Soya products match meat when it comes to protein content. Soya also contains fibre which helps with digestion. They also contain lesser calories than meat products and make a wiser option for the weight-conscious.
Fresh fruits vs. canned fruits

Instead of picking up that can with fruits swimming, no wait, drowning in syrup, just pick up some fresh fruits which retain the enzymes and vitamins which are otherwise lost during the canning process, as well as keep your weight down.

Healthy Food Substitutes

Honey vs. sugar

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'sugar is a polluted sweetner'? It is in a way. In the production of sugar, a lot vitamins and minerals are lost. Honey has no such problem.

Hummus vs. mayonnaise

Hummus contains less fat and more sodium when compared to mayonnaise. Mayonnaise as we know can contribute to our bad cholesterol levels in a ha rm ful way, so hummus makes a good substitute.

Dark chocolate vs. regular chocolate

Dark chocolate has better antioxidant properties when compared to milk chocolate. This benefits the heart as well blood flow and not to mention gives you

that additional mood-boost. Dark chocolate also contains less sugar and is a much better option for figure-conscious chocoholics.

Man In The Kitchen

Yesterday I sent my dear husband a text message saying:

"Hey sweetie, you see that bag of potatos? Please peel half and put them in the pot to boil. Thank you!"

When I got home, this is what I saw...
That's the last time he sets foot in the kitchen...

The Positive Side of Bad Habits

We all have at least one or two bad habits, but did you know 
that these habits aren’t necessarily bad, and in fact can improve 
your life?

Nail Biting – although it’s considered a bad habit by society, 
humans have been biting their nails since the dawn of time. 
Nail biting prevents your nails from getting too long and 
breaking or cutting you and it exposes you to tiny amounts 
of bacteria from residue under your nails. Research shows 
that exposure to small amounts of bacteria on a regular 
basis actually strengthens the immune system.

Bad Habits

Fidgeting Keeps You Alert – fidgeting is actually your brain 
trying to improve its focus and alertness in the same way that 
yawning is its way to get you more oxygen quickly. Shaking 
your legs, twiddling your thumbs, doodling, et”c, all help you 
focus when you’re tired or bored.


Cursing – most people would frown upon swearing and 
cursing, especially around young children, but it also has 
appropriate uses; Researchers discovered that swearing in 
stressful times actually helps reducing your risk of a heart 
attack by half! Just remember that there’s a time and 
a place for everything…

Bad Habits

Daydreaming – daydreaming is the mind’s way to deal with 
complex problems by letting the conscious mind wander and 
allowing the subconscious to process and solve the issues. 
This also occurs if you’re doing a task which doesn’t 
require you to concentrate and allows your thoughts to roam.

Bad Habits

Gossiping – research performed in Brown University 
discovered that gossiping for even 20 minutes with a friend 
helped reduce tension and anxiety and boost the subject’s 
mood for up to 4 hours. Gossip is great at creating and 
strengthening bonds between people, but don’t use it for 
malicious and hurtful reasons.

Bad Habits

Being Disorganized – while some might think that disorganised 
people are lazy, the truth is that some people need a degree of 
chaos in their life and it helps them think outside the box. In a 
research performed a few years ago, students were put in tidy 
rooms and in messy rooms, and the ones in the messy 
rooms actually drew more creative pictures.

Bad Habits

Sleeping In – endocrinologists recently discovered that waking up 
before 6:30am increases a person’s risk of contracting 
cardiovascular diseases. The best thing to do is go to bed 
when you’re naturally tired and letting your body wake up on 
its own.

Bad Habits

Social Media – kids and their phones! Actually, also adults and 
their phones! Everyone seems to be hooked on social media, 
checking their Facebook and Twitter all the time. The benefit 
we draw from it is quite surprising; we tend to make statements 
on social media and people will hold us up to those statements 
just like we will do for them. This forces us and them to stay on 
track and achieve our goals together.

Bad Habits

Tanrums – expressing your anger in small amounts will reduce 
tension and stress, and is much healthier than bottling up all 
that anger and frustration inside. Kids know it better than us 
and that’s why they naturally do it. Just make sure you express 
your anger in a healthy way – punch a pillow, go off on a short 
rant, etc.

Bad Habits

Watching Cute Videos – if you think it’s nothing be 
procrastination, you’re dead-wrong. Watching videos 
helps the brain focus and complete tasks more effectively, 
and watching cute videos specifically increases our 
care-giving instincts and makes us take more care in the task 
we perform.

Bad Habits


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