Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reaction to the Kadaga Saga

Some people have it and others simply don't. I mean the clout.
What transpires from this interview is clear; that M7's choice for Prime Minister was not only wrong but was ill-informed and only based on a relationship based on just being ' long-term buddies' than politicians with Uganda's interests at heart.
Because Mbabazi like many other MP's do NOT attend parliament, they are not only out of touch with reality but do not represent the needs of those who voted them into power especially at the local level but as well as at the national level. His lack of knowledge on how parliament operates is not just a disgrace but clearly stipulates how low our leaders have scooped setting rotten examples for next generations.

If an MP fails to represent those who sent him/her into by not attending parliament sessions, then voters have the right to call them back. It is called vote of no confidence meaning that the people have lost confidence in him/her. I hope Ugandans start doing that.

I read in the papers the other day that the Banyoro people who sent Kabagumba siguyi, ( the recently reigned fellow from the post of Minister for presidency) who I choose to call Kabashuma or even better kabashity, are collecting signatures to re-call her from parliament. If they succeed in doing so, then we may as well start seeing people's power seriously at work.
As for Migereko and alike, their effort to pull down their own is not surprising because they only serve their own interests. I can only equate such peoples' acts to being poodles for high office ie poodles in the Ugandan case only act to authority from above rather than acting for those who sent them to be represented.

A poodle is a very small English dog which is always looking to please its master. Abazungu bakalera oti mwana. Bakoba mbu akabwa kano ni bwokakoba nti muna bona line yensananfu yiyo. Gya odhininemu, kajabwabuje. Ensanafu dimala kaluma mekaira nga bwekaboigoka bwekatutuma, mukama wako akatase.

If any of you remember Blair- Bush politics on Iraq, Claire Short the then Secretary for International Development for the labour government called Tony Blair, George W. Bush's poodle during the saga. She eventually resigned from Blair's government( chose not to be Tony Blairs' poodle). This made big news in the UK with cartoons of Blair looking upwards to Bush , jumping up and down. It was hilarious! I am sure many Ugandans and other readers would enjoy a cartoon in the papers to reflect the current poodle- master relationship in Uganda
Remembering Kadaga's declaration when she was first elected as Speaker, that she no longer belongs to NRM and that the decisions she would make as a speaker where her own, I just took the literal meaning of what she said but can now fully understand what she meant . Now that I do, I do not only appreciate her stance but hold respect for her at the highest level.
In my view Rebecca will make a good candidate for 2016 presidency elections if she chooses to stand as NRM or otherwise and I will gladly support her. The trouble is that I will be torn between some one I am choosing to call my fair lady ; Salaam Musumba for presidency should she be the flag bearer for FDC and Rebecca. These two are in my view the most formidable and respectful women BuSoga has seen in recent days; who can help BuSoga ( and Uganda) politics change its tide should any hold that highest post or even the second most highest. We should give the utmost support when they need it.
From this interview it is clear that NRM as a party needs Hon Rebecca Kadaga for re-incuranation and not the other way round!
Imwe mbakobereku , I was in Uganda recently( Mid Nov to beginning of December) aye kyenabwoine bakyeta muliro ( in terms of inflation ) which brings me back to the subject of NRM failure to manage the economy and how it is badly affecting the majority of people.

Eitoke lyenaleka ku nusu 7,000/= liri buti ku 25,000/30,000. Ensawo yamanda from 15,000/= to 75,000/=. Sugar cost 6,000/= a kilo, 2 times more than it costs in the UK at 0.89-0.99 pence( the equivalent of between 3,000/= to 3,500/=) for a kilo of sugar . I wonder what the cost is now that Christmas is just round the corner ? I was shocked and realised how the majority of people are struggling to put a single meal on their table oba kukyiwulo.

Migereko and the alikes are not helping themselves either, as they fail to realise that the inflation affects them too. Further dishing out of money not generated by any economic activity into the public affects them and their poor relatives as well. Their action only defeats one of NRM policies- Zero tolerance on corruption. Without or with realising their actions are not aimed at ousting Rebecca but making the already bad economic and inflation situation worse. The 2,000 they are giving out might seem so little but if given to 3 million Basoga, it becomes a whopping 6,000,000,000/=(6 Billion or trillion is it ? Bana mumalale ganamba anti enamba ndimbitiriireku ?), a further circulation on liquid cash not supported by any economic activity!

Reading in the papers about inflation in Uganda and how bad it has become was far different from what I actually witnessed. Surely the above figures represent a range between 200- 700% many more times beyond what is being reported as government inflation figures at 30.5%! On this occasion, I took the opportunity to gauge peoples' views through speaking to those at lowest level of society like the boda-boda. My observation is that NRM support has waned amongst the majority of people.
In addition to the above, traffic in Kampala is a complete nightmare. Getting stuck in for 3-6 hours in traffic for a day is any ones' nighmare let alone it affecting business and the general economy. For the first time, I resorted to using boda-boda, something I had never thought I would ever use for two reasons, as sitting on one scared the life out of me; but the high fuel prices are simply unattainable. A ride on a boda- boda if you can stomach it is another terrifying experience as riders just add to the misery with the shear madness and how they drive their motor bikes adding to the so many motor accident crushes in Uganda!

One thing I found really annoying and unacceptable is that the big bosses get whisked through traffic in tinted glasses cars by police cars with sirens, which to me translates to saying, Wanainchi are second class citizens in their own country. They too add to the misery on traffic and drive on pavements!

Before resorting to Boda, I tried the infamous taxi/Kamunye and guest what happened, the fashionable seats of the taxi's almost left me naked as I was disembarking on the first occasion, for the lower part of my Monsoon pure silk dress remained in the taxi metal seat. The dress had cost me a miserable £90!

To add insult to injury, the load shedding in back in full swing. Surely running an economy under the current environment isunsustainable but when you hear the president predicting or bragging (
if I may call it that way) about Uganda's economic growth reaching 15% by next year, you just wonder whether we do have any real economists in Uganda to inform people of what is happening. This he said when hosting one African president( cant remember who it was) approximately 2 months ago
Ebyo ni bana nga bikaliawo, tutyo tugolole aye nga nze nkali kugya kambendeze Sikukulu enungi.

Ife waire batukobye nti leero tunabona sekukulu esinga obusu mu myaka egiswiika ekikumi( predicted at15 degrees Celious and quite a contrast from last year at minus(-)6 degrees , era twidakusigala bwa mukifirigi (fridge) kyaife ekyabulido
However I will try not to go down memory lane of last year where as a result of the freezing temperatures, I was tempted to empty a bottle of Tia Maria with 2 other bottles of of wine into my stomach and as my daughter put it to me the morning after it was pure comedy for her! I had the worst hangover which lasted 3 days, let alone wanting to sleep in the toilet that Christmas night as the effects of the so much loved pombe, took its full effect on me
Baana bana balata Kibumba abakume abawembe nomukono gwe ogwe enkabi dye munaku dino enkulu
Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year
Ninze Nangobi muwala wa eyali omumbedha Nsambi alambaire awo e' Lwanda eyali muwala wa Gubigubi e' Buzibirira. Yezefu Gubigubi yali mulangira mululyo lwa Nadiope e' Kamuli Budiope. Ndowoza buti muntegeire bulungi ni bwentawandike lina lyange; aye nsimye kubawukiza

With kind permission of Flavia Nakumugonza, London UK; the author

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ali balunywa II: Isebantu kyabazinga of Busoga

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2011 7:35 PM
Subject: Royal Autograph

To HRH Isebantu Ali Balunywa II, Kyabazinga of Busoga
Your Royal Highness,

My name is Dr Tibor M. Celler, 41, and I live in Serbia.

I'm contacting you in hope that you will send me Your Royal Highness's autograph.

I am a physician, a historian and author of several books. I've been collecting autographs of

prominent persons and world leaders since 1987, and today my collection has

more than 2.400 authentic signatures.

However, my collection will not be perfect without your personally handwritten autograph. I know you have more important things to do and that your schedule probably doesn’t allow requests like mine. But please know that many other prominent persons have made an exemption of their practice of not signing. It would be an honour to include your authentic signature as well and I would love a greeting like: "To Dr Celler..." on a photo.

Let me use this opportunity to express my sincere compliments for your work and achievements.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.

With best wishes from Serbia to you and Your Royal Highness's loved ones,

Yours sincerely,

Dr Tibor M. Celler
Postal address:
39 Nikola Durkovic St
SRB-24323 Feketics

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