Thursday, April 7, 2016

Facebook Live for Everyone

Facebook Live is rolling out for everyone
Facebook Live for Everyone
After offering Facebook Live just to celebrities to begin with, Facebook are finally rolling out the Facebook Live feature to everyone. This means you will now be able to share video live from your mobile phone with your Facebook friends, and receive comments and reactions while you’re filming. 

Reactions to Facebook Live videos will actually show up in the video in real-time, so the person filming can get an idea of what parts of the video the audience liked best. People watching the broadcast later will also see the reactions as they happened, so it will feel much like Periscope replays in that respect. 
To draw on a little bit of Snapchat and Instagram’s success, Facebook live also offers Live filters, so you can write on your video or just make yourself look better for your audience. 
Facebook Live Filters
This is also being extended into other areas of Facebook. You’ll also be able to go live from Facebook Groups and Facebook Events, so performers might me able to give a sneak preview backstage before a gig. Plus Facebook will be introducing a hub for videos, in an attempt to be more like YouTube.

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