Saturday, April 23, 2016

Batman Infographics

3 Batman Infographics That’ll Expand Your Dark Knight Knowledge

Batman is easily one of the most beloved Superheroes out there. His comics, movies, and TV shows have seen tremendous success. For a good reason, too, because Batman is really just downright awesome.
That’s why we’ve found 3 of the coolest Batman infographics on the Internet that’ll teach you all kinds of cool stuff about the Dark Knight; from his suit, to his Batmobile, it’s all covered.
First, we have a look at the suit of Batman from Screen Rant, which is has seen some pretty serious evolution over the years. It’s quite fascinating!
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batman batsuit evolution
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mark of batman
Batman just isn’t Batman without his awesome Batmobile. The infographic from Tool Orders will teach you things you didn’t even know you wanted to know about Batman’s slick ride!
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