Friday, April 1, 2016

Can You Text & Drive?

Can You Text & Drive? Test Your Skills With This Web Game

While most of us can’t get enough of technology, it’s important to know your limits. Texting and driving is not only illegal in many areas, it’s incredibly unsafe — when driving a vehicle, even at low speeds, a crash could result in your or someone else’s grave injury or death. It’s not a laughing matter.
If you’re not convinced of this, or are just curious how many texting actually distracts you, there’s a little game you can play to get some data on how distractable you are. Titled Gauging Your Distraction, this mini-game from the New York Times tasks you with switching lanes constantly using six of the number keys on your keyboard.

At first you only have to focus on switching lanes, but later you’re required to tap out answers to text messages on your phone. Though they only expect one-word answers, such as “What flavor of ice cream do you want?”, it’s amazing how much tougher it is to focus when you have two things to juggle instead of one.
After three text messages, you’ll see your stats. The site shows your reaction time for texting vs. not texting, and compares that to the user average.
This game doesn’t use any sort of shock value or threatening to show the dangers of texting and driving, so it’s a great resource for someone who loves data or is just curious about this dangerous behavior. If you’re looking for a comprehensive lesson for kids or something on why texting and driving is a bad idea, you’ll have better luck with a different tool.
Texting while driving could end your life or someone else’s. It isn’t worth the risk!
Need help to keep yourself from texting in the car? Check out apps to keep you safe on the road.
What were your reaction times when texting and not texting? Share your best ways to resist the temptation to text in the car with us below!
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