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What We Want To See Happen To Technology In 2015

15 Things We Want To See Happen To Technology In 2015

By Dave Parrack
Technology moves at an incredible pace. Consider that your smartphone (assuming you own one) is more powerful than the computers that allowed man to land on the moon and you’ll understand just how quickly things move on.
This means technology is an exciting field to follow, as it’s an industry that is forever moving forward onto bigger and better things. But in which direction, we wondered, do you want it to go in 2015? We asked, you answered, and here are the results of our discussion.

Wishful Thinking Or Plausible Possibilities?

In 2015, We Want…

Windows 10 To Be Awesome

Windows 10 is scheduled to arrive during the second half of 2015. We just hope this latest operating system from Bill Gates and chums achieves user satisfaction ratings more in line with Windows XP and Windows 7 than Windows Vista and Windows 8.

Facebook To Stop. Just Stop.

Facebook keeps on doing stuff to annoy us all. I mean, I’m sure it’s not intentionally designed to annoy us all, but that’s the inevitable upshot of it all. So, Facebook, please, just stop it, now, please, for the sake of the little children who haven’t yet succumbed to your ample charms.

Linux To Gain Market Share

Linux has been threatening to gain significant market share for several years now, but it never quite accomplishes that heady goal. That’s even with Chrome OS, which is based on the Linux kernel, thrown in to the mix. Perhaps 2015 is the year of Linux. Just as 2014, 2013, 2012 etc. were the year of Linux.

More Competition Among ISPs

When one or two companies have a monopoly on something then the result is usually high prices and low satisfaction levels. Never has this been truer than with Broadband coverage in the United States, and it means many people are paying too much money for a shoddy service. Let’s fix that, eh.

Google Fiber To Launch Worldwide

Perhaps Google Fiber is the answer. If only the search giant would bring Google Fiber to more locations.

Tablets To Make A Significant Leap Forward

With each year that passes, more and more people are buying tablets. The problem is the form factor isn’t really evolving. At all. If tablets are to fulfill their potential as an alternative to laptops then we need the technology to take a significant leap forward. And fast.

Net Neutrality To Be Protected

There is a very real danger that in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere, net neutrality could die a death. A quick and dirty death at the hands of ignorant politicians. This important element of the way the Internet currently works needs to be protected for future generations.

Mobile Devices To Offer Longer Battery Life

I think we can all (with the exception of Justin Pot) agree that smartphones are amazing. However, if there is one element to smartphones that the vast majority of people would agree needs changing, it’s the painfully poor battery life offered by most manufacturers. Sort it out.

ReactOS To Be Finished

ReactOS, an open-source operating system that has been in development since 1998, really needs finishing. But it isn’t, it’s still in alpha testing and therefore “recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes.” Yawn.

HTML5 Video To Become Standard

HTML5 videos are becoming more common across the Web, but they still cannot be considered as standard. Which is a shame because when they do become standard we can say goodbye to the Adobe Flash plugin forever. Happy days.

3D Everything To Die

The new breed of 3D movies are much better than the 3D movies of old. But do you know what’s even better? Standard 2D movies. Let’s just end this whole sorry saga and accept that 3D is never going to be the first choice amongst film buffs, no matter how hard Hollywood pushes it.

Less Security Breaches On Websites

2014 was a disastrous year as far as security breaches went, with major websites succumbing to hacks or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks throughout the year. Let’s hope that trend doesn’t continue on into 2015, although I suspect the odds are heavily in favor of it doing so.

Cortana To Take Over The World

Cortana is one hell of a woman. So much so that Christian Cawley lost his heart to this elegant piece of engineering. Surely the next step is world domination, with Cortana finally vanquishing that trollop Siri. For that to happen, you all need to give Windows Phone a chance.

Bendy Smartphones To Become A Thing

When Apple launched the iPhone 6 Plus it inadvertently introduced the world to the first bendable smartphone. The problem is the iPhone 6 Plus wasn’t built to bend. However, Apple has now patented a truly bendable smartphone, and where Apple leads, others follow.

Fanboys To Put Aside Their Differences

And finally, we hope 2015 is the year when fanboys of all descriptions put aside their petty differences once and for all. We know, it’s a tough ask, especially when the Apple faithful are so smitten they may as well build a place of worship to Steve Jobs. But we still have hope.

Continue The Conversation

Our hope is that this list of 15 wishes for technology in 2015 will entertain, educate, and inspire you. Do you share these particular hopes? Or do you have your own you wish to share with the rest of the MakeUseOf readership? Either way, let us know your thoughts.
Please continue the conversation in the comments section below, telling us either what you think of the technology hopes we chose to include here, or, even better, suggesting your own hope(s) for the world of technology over the next 12 months. All comments will be read.

A Debt Of Gratitude

In order to compile this list of technology hopes for the next year, we received help from the MakeUseOf community. As always, our readers proved to be an invaluable part of the site you’re reading right now.
The readers we need to thank took the time to answer the question, What Are Your Hopes For Technology In 2015?, and their responses helped us compile this article. Noteworthy comments include those from Doc, Xoandre, likefunbutnot, and A41202813GMAIL.
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