Thursday, October 9, 2014

How Do Some Of The Most Famous Writers Get Work Done?

By Dave LeClair

Chances are high that you’ve read the work of some of these famous writers, but have you ever wondered what tools they are using to get the job done? Turns out, some of them are quite different from what you’d think. Sure, a computer is an integral part of the writing process for most of us (in fact, I am writing this post on a PC as we speak), but for many writers, a typewriter, pen and paper, or other tools are still an important part of their toolbox.
The image below shows you just how some of the famous works we’ve all read (or watched, in the case of screenplays) have come to be. The tools used just might shock you, and at the very least, they will give you an insight into the minds of some of these highly creative and talented individuals.
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Top Writing Tools of Famous Authors   How Do Some Of The Most Famous Writers Get Work Done?

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