Tuesday, October 21, 2014

9 Incredibly Healthy Food Combos

Knowing what we know about food today, we discover more often than not that the best foods are not stand-alone ingredients but the powerful combination of ingredients that work together and enhance each other's healthy influence on the body.
Not only are the creative meal options more varied this way, but you increase the absorption of important materials that may one day stave off the worst diseases, keep your heart and immune system operational, and lead to a better quality of life for you and your family.
So Without further a-do, here are 9 extremely healthy food combos you should be aware of:


Health Benefit: When meat is cooked above a temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit (162 Celsius), it  neutralizes carcinogens.

Why It Works: Heterocyclic amines are materials that may contribute to the formation of cancer cells. Rosemary is rich in rosmarinic and carnosic acids. These fight heterocyclic amines and prevent them from forming on cooked meat. This combination helps alleviate many people's fear of grilled meat, and helps to increase the health of the grill-based meal. 

Tip: Cut a small sprig of rosemary. After removing the main stem, chop, and add olive oil, salt, and lemon juice to create a healthy marinade. Grass-fed beef is a healthier choice with reduced fat intake, and avoids meat that has been contaminated by veterinary drugs.


Health Benefit: Inhibiting cancer growth - the yummy way.  

How It Works: The compounds found in many fish (salmon and mackerel for example) in rich quantities, when paired with Broccoli, a vegtable rich in sulforaphane, these compounds become up to 13 times stronger and more effective in slowing down the growth of new cancer cells, than when you eat the fish by themselves. solo.

Tip: Try to get wild-caught Alaskan salmon for the most natural and untampered product, that has the most chance to avoid parasites and contamination.

Health Benefit: A great way to keep your heart healthy and happy!

Why It Works: Red wine contains an antioxidant with the name 'resveratrol'. The almonds contain large quantities of vitamin E, that together with the antioxidant help blood production and promote healthy blood vessels. the blood and improve blood vessel health.

Tip: Prefer organic wine, since the way they make the regular wine may leave some pesticide residues, if in small quantities. The same is also true for almonds by the way.

Health Benefit: Less bloating and gas equal a flatter, nicer stomach 

Why It Works: If you suffer from bloating or gassiness, it doesn't get much better than combining vegetables with grains or grain-like seeds (millet, quinoa) while leaving out the meat. 

Health Benefit: Not only fighting cancer but also promoting weight loss! 

Why It Works: Lemons have high levels of vitamin C, which helps to maximize the body's ability to abosorb catechins, the antioxidants found in green tea which help fight diseases and aging. 

Tip: If you drink a lot of tea (which is a good idea), consider turning to organic loose-leaf tea brewed in a stainless steel infuser that can be reused (to reduce package waste).

Health Benefit: This is a match made in heaven! This spice combo annaihaltes inflammation, may ward off Alzheimer's disease and fights cancer, while also taking down your cholesterol levels and improving liver function. If you choose just one of these combos - choose this one. 

Why It Works: Turmeric is a spice we always recommend for consumption. If you combine it with black pepper, which helps your body absorb about a thousand (yep, x1000) times more curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric (which can also be bought at nature shops in concerntrated pill form) and make sure you really get those health benefits Turmeric promises. Without it, the amount of Curcumin not destroyed by your stomach is very low. 

Health Benefit: Better cognitive functioning, a clearer mind, alleviation of PMS symptoms and surprisngly - weight loss.

Why It Works: It is well known that one of the benefits of eating egg yolks is that they are rich in Vitamin D, which will boost the rate by which your body absorbs the nutrients in cheese, such as the all-important calcium. Good calcium levels help neurotranmitters function better (cognitive functioning) and help to stabilize the body's hormone levels, which help alleviate PMS symptoms and battle weight gain. 

Health Benefit: Natural mood boost from a much-needed mineral.

How It Works: Magnesium is essential for low anxiety and happiness, but 70 percent of Americans don't get enough. Beet greens are loaded with the calming mineral, and the B6 in chickpeas maximizes magnesium absorption in the body.

Tip: Look for local, organic beet greens this spring at your farmer's market, and soak and cook dried, organic chickpeas to avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals that can be found in canned foods.

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