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Creating Professional Résumés

Create Professional Résumés With A Resumonk Lifetime Plan For $29 (89% Off)

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When you apply for a job, your résumé is one of the first things a potential employer uses to judge you. They haven’t met you in person, so your sparkling personality isn’t showing through just yet. Instead, they have this one document that will help them decide whether to bring you in for an interview. You need to make your résumé stand out, and Resumonk is a service designed to let you do that.
Resumonk has a free service, but it’s quite limited. Don’t worry though, because you can get lifetime access to a premium account for only $29, a huge savings of 89%. The deal only lasts this month, so you’ll need to jump on it quickly if you want to make better résumés at an extremely affordable price.

Free Vs. Premium

The free version of Resumonk is limited, and it’s definitely worth spending $29 to gain access to the premium plan. To start with, you can only download the résumé in PDF and HTML formats, and many jobs request a résumé in Word. You’re also limited to only four templates, while the premium version offers ten. You do get access to one of the more useful features, which is the ability to import data from your LinkedIn account. That can prove to be a valuable time saver, as many of us have all of your employment data stored on LinkedIn anyway.
PDF MS Word Resume Online Resume Maker   Resumonk Google Chrome 2014 10 07 16.35.03   Create Professional Résumés With A Resumonk Lifetime Plan For $29 (89% Off)
That’s all you get with the free version, but there’s quite a bit more that the service can do. Also, résumés created with the free version will include Resumonk branding, which could turn off some potential employers. In many ways, it seems like the free version is meant to be a trial. If you want access to the rest of the features that we are going to discuss in the next section, you’re definitely going to want to take advantage of this deal while it lasts.

What Resumonk Offers

So, just what features are you getting by signing up for a premium account? Turns out, you are gaining quite a lot of features for a pretty low cost. Arguably the most important thing it adds is the ability to download your résumé in .DOC format, which is what many employers will ask you for when applying for a new position.
Free Resume Templates CV Templates   Resumonk Google Chrome 2014 10 07 16.36.43   Create Professional Résumés With A Resumonk Lifetime Plan For $29 (89% Off)
You’ll also get access to 10 additional templates for creating your résumé. This gives you more options to work with, thus allowing you to create something that is more uniquely you. To go along with that, you’ll also get access to more fonts and unlimited colors, which again, allows you to create a résumé that is unique to your personality and the type of position for which you are applying.
If you don’t want to download the résumé, you can also get a custom link to share with anyone. Using this, you can actually track who has looked at your information. How useful this feature is will depend on the company you’re applying with, and whether they require an attached résumé, or if a link will suffice. If sharing a link is acceptable, this is a great way to know if they’ve actually read your résumé.
Resumonk   Online Resume Builder Google Chrome 2014 10 07 16.37.42   Create Professional Résumés With A Resumonk Lifetime Plan For $29 (89% Off)
If you’ve been struggling to make your résumé stand out using the basic tools found in programs like Apple Pages and Microsoft Word, you’re definitely going to want to sign up to Resumonk. The features offered with the premium version are definitely game-changing.

Wrapping Up

You want to save money while finding a job that could potentially pay you more, don’t you? You should definitely check out Resumonk, as it could help you achieve that goal. You can try out the free version to see if you like the tools available, but don’t want too long, as the lifetime subscription for just $29 (89% off) only lasts this month, so you’ll need to jump in quickly!
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