Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pokemon Go Breaks an iTunes Record

While the initial over-the-top interest in Pokemon Go has started to wane, there’s no doubt this game captured people’s imaginations like the best trainers capture Pikachus. And we now know just how much Pokemon Go took over the world for a brief period, thanks to Apple.

The company has confirmed that Pokemon Go broke the iTunes App Store recordfor the most number of downloads in the first week after release. While neither Apple, Nintendo, or Niantic is revealing the actual numbers, this is still an amazing achievement considering the competition.
Meanwhile, Nintendo’s shares, which doubled in price in the immediate aftermath of the release of Pokemon Go, have fallen sharply. The reason? The company itself warning investors that the success of this particular game will have a limited impact on its profits, as it doesn’t actually make the game.

The Xbox One Is Cheaper Than Ever

Microsoft has dropped the price of the Xbox One again, this time to just $249. Microsoft is billing this as “Sweet summer savings,” and stating that the lower price will only apply “while supplies last”. Which isn’t too surprising given that the new Xbox One S is launched on August 2. In other words, Microsoft is trying to clear the old stock before shifting the new stock.

Regardless of the reasoning, this is a good deal. It means you can buy any 500GB Xbox One bundle for $249, which means you’ll get one game thrown in for free. This is the third price drop in as many months, with the Xbox One going from $349 to $299, then $299 to $279, and now $279 to $249. Not that Microsoft is desperate to close the gap on the PlayStation 4 or anything.

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