Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Instagram Has a Brand New Look

Instagram has undergone a major redesign, giving its mobile apps a visual makeover. Nothing has really changed under the hood, but users should notice a cleaner, more modern interface. Instagram has also updated its icon, turning the recognizable camera into a more stylized logo.

The new Instagram icon maintains the same basic shape and layout, but the details have all disappeared, replaced by simple lines and a colorful background. The company reportedly tested more than 300 different icon designs before settling on the one you can see in the video above.
The app itself has switched from having a blue and white theme to a black and white theme, letting the content take center stage, with the menus and overlays fading into the background. It’s a subtle change, but one which should help Instagram continue to grow as it adds more users to the 400 million it has already.
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Instagram Has a Brand New Look

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