Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Apple Named Most Valuable Brand

Apple remains the king of all brands, Instagram enjoys a makeover, the sun sets on the Sunrise calendar app, the Nintendo 2DS is getting cheaper, and watch a spear take down a drone.

Apple Is the Most Valuable Brand (Again)

Forbes has named Apple the world’s most valuable brand for 2016. Tim Cook and co. secured the top spot with a brand value of $154.1 billion, almost double Google’s second-place brand value of $82.5 billion. 
Microsoft was third with $75.2 billion, Coca-Cola was fourth with $58.5 billion, and Facebook was fifth with $52.6 billion. Other tech companies on the list include IBM ($41.4 billion), Samsung ($36.1 billion), Amazon ($35.2 billion), and Intel ($27.7 billion).
To arrive at these seemingly arbitrary figures, Forbes takes financial results from the past three years into account. Which explains why Apple is still number one despite experiencing its first quarterly revenue decline for 13 years, and a falling stock price. 
Apple has actually won this particular honor every year since Forbes started the list in 2010. Which goes to show just how long this run of good fortune has lasted. The question is how much longer will it last? The iPhone 7 had better impress, or else.

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