Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Effortless Ways to Unlock Space on Dropbox

3 Effortless Ways to Unlock More Space on Dropbox for Free

You know that Dropbox referrals earn you bonus storage space: 500 MB per referral with a limit up to 16 GB. But did you know that there are other hidden ways to increase your Dropbox capacity?
1. Install Carousel: Get Dropbox’s photo and video gallery app, Carousel, for your iOS or Android device and link it to your account. That right there gives you an instant extra 3 GB of space.
Note: This doesn’t work if you have already received the designated 3 GB by turning on the Camera Upload feature from your mobile device’s Dropbox app.
2. Install Mailbox: Dropbox has a mail app called Mailbox for mobile devices, and it’s pretty good. Install Mailbox and set it up using your Dropbox credentials to get an extra 1 GB of space. Note that Mailbox only works with Gmail.
Feel free to delete Carousel and Mailbox afterwards if you don’t like them. You won’t lose the extra storage that you have gained.
3. Dropbox Promos: Dropbox has an ongoing promotion that gives you a whopping 48 GB of free space on certain Samsung devices. It also has a special offer for specific Sony devices. These offers come with a few caveats, so read the terms that accompany any promo.
25 to 30 GB of extra Dropbox storage is nothing to dismiss offhand. It’s time to collect those bonuses from Dropbox. The best part is that you can get them with minimal effort!
Have you completed any of these steps for extra Dropbox storage? How much of it did you earn? Share the capacity of your free Dropbox account with us!
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