Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Simple Trick for Cleaning Under Your Keyboard’s Keys

Do you clean your keyboard regularly? Whether you’re the type of person who snacks in front of the computer, thus getting crumbs everywhere, or you’re a neat freak who never puts anything dirty near their keyboard, stuff always gets in there.
Cleaning the actual keys is simple: A paper towel will do the job without a problem. But how are you to clean under and between the keys? Compressed air is a solid option, but what if you don’t have any available, or what if you don’t want to blow the stuff under your keyboard around the room?
The answer is shockingly simple, and it comes from something we all have around the house.
Clear tape! You simply need to tear off a small piece (about an inch or so), fold it in half so the sticky side faces out, then rub it around between your keys. Because you’re working with tape, you’ll be able to see all the nasty stuff that’s been hiding all of this time. It’s a little gross, but at least it will be gone!
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Make sure you don’t use duct tape or any other highly adhesive tape, as you can leave residue under your keys, which is obviously not good. Stick with the standard clear tape that you would use to wrap a present, and you’ll be safe!
What kind of nastiness did you find under your keyboard? Share the horror with us in the comments!
Image Credit: Khomkrit Phonsai via ShutterStock  Source: www.makeuseof.com

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