Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ensure All of Your Programs Stay Up-to-Date

You know that you need to keep software on your computer updated, but it takes too long to check for updates. Even though lots of programs automatically update themselves these days, it’s possible that you’re still running old versions of software without knowing it.
With FileHippo’s Update Checker, you can check all of your installed software against FileHippo’s database of apps to ensure you’re updated.Simply grab the installer and run the program. Within a few seconds FileHippo will open a new browser window showing you programs that need to be updated.
It won’t find everything, especially if you’re using legacy or custom software, but most major programs are supported — especially the ones that are available for download on FileHippo.
The list shows you which programs are outdated, what versions you’re running, and the latest versions available. You’ll also see download links to each program so you can quickly download the update from FileHippo (or elsewhere, if you choose).

On the right side of the window that pops up, be sure to disable Show beta versions if you aren’t interested in beta updates. Also, Show updates onlyshould be enabled. There’s really no use in seeing a list of every single program installed on your system.
Consider pairing Update Checker with Ninite, a service that makes it easy to install programs in bulk.
How many programs did you need to update? Do you prefer another method for finding outdated software? Have your say in the comments below.
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