Thursday, October 22, 2015

You Can Now Pay to Watch YouTube

YouTube Red adds subscription fees, testing Tesla Autopilot, Android stops draining your battery, polling your friends on Twitter, Mythbusters stops busting myths, and Back to the Future in 90 seconds.

Are You Prepared to Pay for YouTube?

YouTube is launching a new paid subscription service called YouTube Red. Anyone willing to pay the asking price of $9.99-per-month gets to removes the ads from all videos, download videos for offline viewing, and watch original content created by some of the most famous YouTube stars. As an extra sweetener, subscribers will also get access to Google Play Music, Google’s audio-only streaming service.
Arguably the most important element of YouTube Red is the original programming that will be available exclusively to subscribers. Shows include Scare PewDiePie, which sees PewDiePie experience scary situations inspired by video games; Sing It!, a scripted satire of talent shows such as American Idol and The X Factor; and Lazer Team, a feature-length action-comedy from Rooster Teeth.
It’s important to note that YouTube Red won’t affect the average YouTube user, especially those who have no interest in people such as PewDiePie and don’t mind occasionally watching ads to fund their habit. YouTube is not forcing anyone to pay for YouTube Red, and the standard, ad-supported YouTube will continue alongside the premium offering. In other words, carry on, there’s nothing to see here.
YouTube Red launches in the United States on October 28th, with users being offered a free one-month trial of the service.


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