Friday, October 16, 2015

Preventing Auto Playing Tabs...!

Autoplaying Tabs Are the Worst: Here’s How to Prevent Them

Nothing is more infuriating than opening up several tabs then frantically searching for the one that’s blaring an auto-playing video that you never asked for. Everyone hates them, yet webmasters keep doing it for some reason.
Today, we’re going to put a stop to it.

If You’re Using Chrome

In the address bar, type:
and press Enter.
Scroll down to Plug-ins and click Let me choose when to run plugin content. This forces you to click on a video or audio embed before it will start playing. If you want to disable this on only a handful of websites, like YouTube, then you can click the Manage exceptions… button and create a whitelist of exceptions.

If You’re Using Firefox

In the address bar, type:
and press Enter. Look for plugins.click_to_play and set its value to False.
Unfortunately, you can’t manage exceptions like you can in Chrome, but when you visit a website you’ll have the option to allow the autoplay for future visits.

If You’re Using Safari

In any post-Mavericks version of Safari, there’s a built-in feature called Power Saver. To get there, go to Preferences > Advanced and enable the Stop plug-ins to save power check box. You can create exceptions here, just like on Chrome, by clicking the Details box next to it and adding sites to your whitelist.
Did you find this helpful? If you know of any other neat browser tricks, let us know in the comments below.

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