Friday, October 16, 2015

Reply in Gmail Like a Pro

4 Quick Tips to Reply in Gmail Like a Pro

There’s no such thing as “too many Gmail tips“, so here are four more quick ones on how to kick up Gmail’s Reply interface to the next level for a smoother experience.
1) Change the subject line: The subject line doesn’t appear in the Reply dialog by default. To bring it up, click the tiny arrow to the left of the To field, then in the dropdown menu that appears, click the Edit subject link.
2) Add Cc and Bcc fields: By default, these fields are also hidden. To reveal them, click on the To field. Another section will pop up right below, and that contains the Cc and Bcc links to the right. To the left you’ll find the From address field, which is handy if you want to reply from a different pre-configured address.
3) Reply to all by default: If you often forget to Reply all in group threads, you should consider making it the default option by enabling the setting under Settings > General > Default reply behaviour. This will replace the Reply icon in emails with a Reply to All icon.
4) Send and archive automatically: If you regularly archive emails after you’ve sent your replies, then you can cut out a lot of wasted time by enabling the Send and Archive button.
To do this, navigate Settings > General > Send and Archive and enable the Show “Send & Archive” button in reply option.
These tips may sound simple, but they’re invaluable — especially if your entire day revolves around your Gmail inbox.
Do you have any tips or tricks for faster replies in Gmail? Please share them with us below!
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