Thursday, July 9, 2015

Learn to Build a Successful YouTube Channel

Build a Successful YouTube Channel for 98% Off

Have you ever been hanging around, watching videos on YouTube and wondering how successful channels managed to hit it big? A big part of it is luck, as your channel needs to be in front of the right people at the right time, but there’s more to it than that. Successful YouTube channel owners arm themselves with knowledge and skill to help make their channel succeed. With the right amount of skill, and a little bit of luck, you could be the next YouTube sensation. Or if that isn’t your goal, and you just want to be able to make a living without becoming a mega-star, that’s totally possible, too.
So how are you going to learn these YouTube guru skills? The answer is simple: just grab this massive bundle of courses from MakeUseOf Deals and be well on your way. Best of all, this bundle of courses would normally sell for over $1000 if purchased on their own, but as part of this bundle, you can take them all home for $29. That’s 98% off the full price! But don’t wait, because this deal is only available for a limited time.

The Courses

In total, you’re going to be getting 5 different courses that will give you the knowledge and skill you need to build a successful YouTube channel. Of course, there’s no guarantee of success, and there is some luck involved in making it big, but the knowledge offered here will most certainly give you a leg up over all of the other YouTube hopefuls that get started everyday. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what you’ll be getting with this bundle.

YouTube Secrets: Thumbnails & Graphics Course $299 Value

If you think finding success on YouTube will happen just by making good videos, sadly, you’re incorrect. Your channel needs to look presentable with stellar graphics, and your videos need to make people want to watch them with compelling thumbnails. This course will teach you what you need to know to make such images for your YouTube channel using only free software. Whether you have design experience or not, the content in this course will help attract more people to your YouTube content.

How to Promote Your Business on YouTube Course $499 Value

The content in this course is perfect for people who already own their own business who want to use YouTube as a means of promoting it. However, even if you’re someone who just wants to make YouTube videos, the parts of the course that go over how to attract more viewers to your videos will still be quite useful. It also covers things like copyright on YouTube, using its analytics tools, and much more.

How I Make $2000 a Month on YouTube With No Filming Course $499 Value

This course really gets into the nitty gritty of YouTube success and how to make successful videos even if you don’t have a camera. It covers how to attract people through tags and how to get your videos recommended during other videos. It hits on details in properly titling a video to make people want to click and watch it and so much more. If you  have the drive, and are will to put in the time and effort, this course will get you started with the knowledge you need to turn that drive into actual YouTube success, and if you’re lucky, a decent paycheck

The Complete YouTube Channel Course: Get Paid to Make Videos $199 Value

This course is where you learn how to build a channel that will keep people coming back over and over again. You’ll learn how to actually make videos and what equipment you’ll need, and how to make tutorial videos that will let you make money off your knowledge. It even goes in-depth with SEO tactics like titles, tagging, descriptions, and more.

YouTube Secrets & Myths – By YouTube Certified Instructor Course $99 Value

This course features 20 lectures that hit a range of topics, but the most interesting ones cover the myths people have associated with YouTube over the years. Additionally, it will teach you how to make your videos rank higher on the popular video platform, which will in turn draw more people to your content, which is what making videos is really all about!

Deal Ends Soon, So Don’t Miss Out!

Like all good deals, this one isn’t available forever, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. So, head over to MakeUseOf Deals and snag yourself this bundle of courses while you still can. When you’re a famous YouTuber, just remember who helped aim you down the right path!

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