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Why Are You Still Using Facebook?

Why Are You Still Using Facebook? [We Ask You]

Why Are You Still Using Facebook? [We Ask You]

By Dave Parrack
Facebook is by far the largest social networking site in the world, with a userbase of 1.3 billion. The question is, why?
Facebook isn’t exactly a beloved institution, and yet it’s able to deflect most of the criticism that comes its way and hold onto its users. We need to investigate why this is the case, and we need your help to do so.

Facebook Knows Where You Live

We want to know, Why Are You Still Using Facebook? It’s a simple question, but one that may require some serious navel-gazing on your part. Essentially, we want to know what keeps you coming back to Facebook time and again despite your reservations about the site, its practices, and its influence over your life.
You see, there’s a strange phenomenon afoot at the moment, whereby almost everybody is on Facebook and yet almost nobody likes Facebook. At least 1.3 billion people around the world use the social networking site, but at times it feels as though 1.2 billion of those are complaining about Facebook.

There are constant complaints about changes to the service, the default privacy settings, and the way Facebook treats Pages. And then to top it all off came news that Facebook has experimented on its users, altering their moods, and much more besides. This is unacceptable, if not legally, then at least morally and ethically.
And yet despite all this Facebook plows on like a juggernaut with no brakes.Google+ is utterly failing to compete, while Twitter is flatlining. When MySpace messed up, its users fled as fast as their legs could carry them, but the same fate has not befallen Facebook.
facebook get a life   Why Are You Still Using Facebook? [We Ask You]
All we need from you is one good reason why you still Facebook. Whether you’re a fan of Facebook completely unfazed by the criticisms or a crotchety critic shouting barbed comments from the balcony, please take to the comments section below and let us know what you love about Facebook.
We will use the comments received to compile a list of the reasons people have for sticking with Facebook. Whether it’s because Facebook is what you’re used to, thatthe alternatives all suck, or that you have all your photos stored there, we want to know your personal reasons for sticking with Facebook.

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