Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bizarre Wedding Traditions

When a man and a woman decide to spend their lives together they unite in the holy sacrament of matrimony, that being said marriages are weird and involve myriad of strange and bizarre (relatively) traditions, we have compiled a short list of weird wedding traditions from all around the world for you to savour.
In Germany, the groom’s friends literally steal the bride and whisk her off to a bar where they get totally sloshed, the groom has to find the bride and also pay the entire bill.
groom friends

In an Italian reception a glass is broken to aid the prosperity of the newly married couple, more the number of pieces the glass smashes in, more the number of happy years the couple will have.
glass broken

In some parts of India girls who are Mangliks (born astrologically impaired, somehow) have to marry a tree to get rid of the curse that has dawned upon them an you thought just the westerners were weird.
manglik girls

In Jewish culture the bride has to step over a glass covered with a cloth for a prosper and fruitful marriage. “Mazel Tov!”
Jewish culture

Scottish brides are the filthiest in the world, apparently these poor lasses are covered with any of the gross things you can find and then tied to a tree, what they believe is, if you can endure this then you can endure anything, thus ensuring a great marriage.
Scottish brides

In Fiji men are supposed to bring along a tooth of the whale with them when they come ask for the girl’s hand in marriage, what did the poor whale ever did to them ?
Fiji men

We don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it but stealing of the groom’s shoes is quite a weird tradition that is followed in the Indian marriages.
Indian marriages

Apparently Congo is one of the most serious countries around where the bride and the groom aren’t allowed to smile during the entirety of the ceremony as marriages are something that are to be taken seriously.

While brides around the world diet and starve to fit into their perfect wedding dress Mauritian brides go to fat farms to fatten up as heavier girls are a sign of prosperity.
Mauritian brides


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