Thursday, February 2, 2017

You Can Now Download Netflix Content to an SD Card

By  Dave Parrack  

Netflix has added an extra option for Android users keen to download content to their smartphone. In a nutshell, you’re no longer limited to using the space available on your mobile device, as you can now download Netflix content to an SD card.
In November 2016, Netflix introduced downloads for offline viewing. This means you no longer have to be online to watch Netflix content. So, if you prepare well in advance you can download TV shows for your commute to work, or download animated movies for your kids to watch.You Can Now Download Netflix Shows to Watch Offline You Can Now Download Netflix Shows to Watch OfflineNetflix is now allowing users to download content from its catalog to watch offline. This means you can enjoy Netflix even when you can't find a decent internet connection!READ MORE
While the option to download content for offline viewing is a welcome one, being limited to the internal storage on your mobile device can prove to be rather annoying. Because most of us don’t have masses of space available for downloads. Now, at least on Android, that’s no longer an issue.

A Cavalcade of Caveats

The latest version of the Netflix app on Android adds a “Download Location” option. This lets you “control where to save downloaded content,” and you can choose between “Internal Storage” and “SD Card”. Unfortunately, Netflix adds that this feature is “not available on all devices”.

There are some other caveats too. Although you can download content to multiple SD cards, there are limits on the amount of content you can download simultaneously. Downloads will also only remain accessible for a limited time, expiring after a set period.
You also can’t suddenly start pirating Netflix content. Anything you download contains DRM preventing that content from being played on anything other than the device to which it was originally downloaded. And .nfv files won’t play in anything other than the Netflix app.

Setting Standards Across the Streaming Sector

Netflix is clearly serious about offering downloads for offline viewing. But then it’s becoming a standard option across the streaming sector. Amazon was offering Amazon Prime Video downloadsyears before Netflix, and Hulu will start offering downloads later this year.How to Download Amazon Prime Videos to Watch Offline How to Download Amazon Prime Videos to Watch OfflineAmazon has announced that Instant Video now allows offline viewing of movies and television shows on Android and iOS devices, and we have the full lowdown on how you can initiate this fantastic feature.READ MORE
Do you currently subscribe to Netflix? Have you downloaded a movie or TV show for offline viewing yet? How did you find the experience? Will you be making use of the option to download content to an SD card instead? Please let us know in the comments below!
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