Monday, February 6, 2017

Chinese High-Speed Rail Trains

By Robin Daverman, World traveler
How advanced are Chinese speed trains?
The Chinese high-speed rails have a quality all on its own, because it’s so massive. There are more twice as many high-speed trains in China as the rest of the world combined. The picture below is an early morning photo at the train station of a second-tier city in China.
Tier 1 cities like Beijing have a couple hundred high-speed trains stopping at the city every day.
And the Chinese Spring Festival is just a mad house - an estimated 3 billion person/trips take place within a 2-week window. It would be the equivalent of every American taking 10 trips during Christmas, or every European taking 5 trips during Christmas. All the train tickets are gone within like 10 seconds after they become available.
The Chinese high-speed rail system made 1.5 billion trips last year, growing 30% a year. It’s just absolutely massive!
Source: QUORA

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