Tuesday, January 10, 2017

You Can Still Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free (With a Loophole)

By Joel Lee 

Maybe at first you were turned away by the purported problems of Windows 10 and gladly let the free upgrade window pass by without a second thought, but now you’ve seen the big updates and improvements that are coming and wish you could join in.
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Well, there is still a loophole that you can use to upgrade to Windows 10 without paying a cent. Note that the nature of a loophole means that this method resides in ethically gray territory. Attempt at the risk of your own conscience!
Here’s how the loophole works: Microsoft offers the Windows 10 upgrade for free to anyone who uses assistive technologies likes screen readers, screen magnifiers, accessibility software, etc. The thing is, Microsoft doesn’t ask for any proof that you actually do use assistive technologies.
If you navigate to the assistive technologies upgrade offer page and click Upgrade Now, Microsoft will take you at your word and let you go ahead without any issues. As of this writing, the offer is still available and doesn’t have an end date:
We have not announced an end date of the free upgrade offer for customers using assistive technology. We will make a public announcement prior to ending the offer.
How do you feel about Windows 10 now? Is this something that you’d exploit or is your conscience too loud? Let us know in the comments below!
Source: www.makeuseof.com

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