Sunday, January 8, 2017

What To Say When You Propose

5 Best Things to Say When You Propose

A proposal is a once in a lifetime moment that you will share with your loved one. Regardless of how stressed or nervous you are, remembering to say the right things is essential. A little bit of planning and practice can help.


First Glance or First Meeting: Talk about the first time you met her or the first time you saw her. If you’ve never expressed how that made you feel or what was running through your head, she’ll be floored and flattered when she learns your side of the story. Be sure to make it heartfelt and honest. Don’t talk about anything embarrassing or distasteful- even if she loves your sense of humor, she will appreciate a show of romance more during the proposal.

Big Changes: If having this person in your life has made it better- tell her how. Be specific about her qualities and which ones you love most. Tell her about all the ways (big and small) that she’s made you a better person. Be honest and personal. The more specific you are the more real it will feel to her.

The Future: One of the sweetest statements a woman can hear from a man is that he’s included her in his big picture future- for years to come. Tell her how excited you are to share all of the special moments in life with her and all the milestones that you are wanting to achieve together.

Dreams: Talk about all the dreams you have for your life together. Whether it’s getting a puppy, traveling the world or climbing Mount Everest, think about all the amazing things you want to accomplish with her by your side and tell her about it all in detail!

Why You Love Her: It’s easy to say you love her because she’s kind, caring or considerate. But telling her about specific instances where she has really wowed you with these traits will be sure to get some tears and smiles. Whether it’s always bringing her elderly neighbor groceries or making that extra effort to make each of your birthdays special, showing her that you notice and appreciate her effort is a great idea.

After you’ve got the words down, next comes laying out the scene and location of your proposal.


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