Monday, October 10, 2016

What would World War III look like?

There’s a saying about this.
“War isn’t about who’s right. Just who’s left”
So we have 2 sides: 
Side a (America and it’s allies) versus 
side b(Russia and her Allies)
Imagine all the nukes in the world.

So if we do the math. 
Let’s see 250+8,494+10= 8744 versus 7,506+225+300+90+80+100= 8,301. So by that math, side b wins. However just imagine 17045 of these hitting your city.

Yup. planetary destruction. Boom over 5 Billion people vanish off the face of the Earth. Cities that used to bustling cities home to people, instantly gone forever. Who wins? You decide. Imagine. A country “wins” the nuclear war. However 90% of the population is dead. The land is irradiated for centuries to come. Birth defects and cancer plague your country for generations. Did you really win? I’d like you to think about that.

See this? This is a shadow. Not any ordinary shadow. But a person. The blast at Hiroshima vaporised this poor soul. Now imagine 2 billion or so of these souls lost. That is nuclear war.

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