Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Once In An Old Age Asylum/Orphange

The son decides to admit the father in an Old Age Home Asylum as desired by the old man's son, daughter-in-law and his grand children.
He brings his father in the car to an Old Age Home. 
The receptionist gives different choices like TV, AC, Veg./Non-Veg, etc.
Father says No TV, AC, etc.
Son goes out to bring luggage from car.
The wife calls up to check.
She and children also insist that father need not come home even for festivals.
The director appears and talks to the old man in private.
The son wonders and asks the director/manager whether he knows his father before, as they were talking as though they knew each other.
The director says...YES!
He came here 30 years back and took with him an orphan boy for adoption.

Son was stunned, flush faced, defeated *=(( broken heart 

Source: FunFunky

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