Sunday, August 30, 2015

Friendship Between Humans And Animals

31 Unusual And Heartwarming Friendships Between Human And Animals

1. Gleaming Giraffe And Brunette Beauty

giraffe 2

2. Peaceful Girl And Majestic Moose

moose 3

3. Smitten Cheetah And Lovely Man

cheetah kissing

4. Sweet Toddler And Licking Cheetah Cub

cheetah with girl

5. Adventurous Guy And Grizzly Bear

bear and guy 2

6. Childish Bear And Smiling Guy

bear and guy

7. Naughty Bear And Sultry Lady

bear 5

8. Monkey And Confused Man

ape and guy

9. Mysterious Lady And Tiny Fox

baby fox

10. Snuggly Tiger And Comforting Monk

another lion and guy

11. Exceptional Eagle And Perplexed Man

eagle and guy

12. Slithering Serpent And Little Girl


13. Old Woman And Ostentatious Monkey


14. Ferocious Lion And Daring Teenager

Lion and guy 2

15. Elegant Woman And Fox Curled Up Together

in grass

16. Caring Camel And Wonderful Woman

camel 2

17. Terrific Tiger And Brave Guy

lion fight

18. The Girl And The Birds

cats and birds

19. Crafty Crow And Brilliant Boy


20. Lovable Lion And Cute Man

lion a

21. White Bear And Mr. Old Guy


22. Sea Lion And Murky Man


23. Sea Creature And Astonished Man


24. Man And Cuddling Lion


25. A Boy And His Bird

penguin 1

26. Mammot And Boy


27. The Cow And The Girl


28. Hungry Hippo And Hospitable Human

hippo 2

29. The Whale And The Little Girl

beluga whale and girl

30. Friendly Goat And Playful Woman

goat and girl

31. Eerie Elephant And Brave Child


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