Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ancient Scroll-Like Tablet?

What if Your Tablet Rolled Out Like an Ancient Scroll?

When you think about a tablet, you probably have a very specific looking device that comes to mind. You probably see something like an iPad or a Galaxy Tab. The tablet concept below is nothing like that. Instead, it features a tube with a screen that rolls out, much like an ancient scroll.
It’s an interesting design, and one that would be very hard to make with current technology. However, it’s interesting to think about. What if tablets worked like this? How would the screen be protected when rolled out? How would the screen be soft enough to roll up, yet firm enough for the us to touch?
Would you buy a tablet that rolled out if one was released soon, or do you prefer the way tablets are now? What do you think it would take for a device like this become a reality? Theorize in the comments below!

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