Thursday, November 6, 2014

Steps to Buying a Car in the Digital Age


Though car models have changed since the first Model T hit the market, the steps to buying a car is just like it was during the glorious days of Packard’s “Ask the Man Who Owns One.”. The only difference is a car buyer’s experience is enhanced by the wide access to reliable resources—like friends, family, and online reviews—to influence their purchase decision. This nifty infographic spells out what the car buyer is thinking and looking for during the pre- and post-purchase phases of the cycle. 
Car buyers, on average, go through a ton of research and prep before sealing the deal. They ask friends and family for all sorts of advice, hit up their social networks for information, and search the web for reviews from customers—versus brand-generated content—to help them make a decision they’ll be happy with. All this hard work goes into creating a smart and happy car buyer, that, with the right experience at the dealership, is willing to be loyal brand advocate post-purchase. This is a big win for car dealerships and auto makers everywhere.

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