Monday, November 10, 2014

Bad Lip Readings Of The Walking Dead

You Can’t Help But Laugh At These Bad Lip Readings Of The Walking Dead

Dave LeClair
I look at funny things all the time while researching posts, and there are very few that make me laugh as hard these Bad Lip Reading interpretations of The Walking Dead Season 4. Seriously, strap yourself to your chair because you just might find that you fall off with intense laughter. I genuinely feel sorry for your sides.
Oh yeah, worth mentioning is the fact that this is from The Walking Dead, so there’s some graphic images (and a tiny bit of graphic language), so viewer discretion is advised. Also, dolphins.

You made it to the super secret bonus part of the post that I didn’t actually try to hide from you at all. At the end of the first video, you’d likely have noticed the hilarious song by Carl Papa. Well guess what? The fine folks at Bad Lip Readinghave created a full song and lyric video. Watch it, and you won’t be disappointed. La Jiggy Jar Jar Doo.

Want more? How about some Game of Thrones Bad Lip Reading, too! Source:

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