Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to Find a Lost AirPod Using Just Your iPhone

By Ben Stegner  

Apple’s new wireless AirPod headphones are selling well, but they aren’t without problems. $160 is a lot of money for a pair of earbuds, and the sound quality and battery life are average at best. Even worse, they’re easy to lose due to their size — and Apple charges a $69 fee to replace one that’s lost.Apple Will Charge You $69 for Lost AirPods Apple Will Charge You $69 for Lost AirPodsIt's almost as if this courageous decision to ditch the headphone jack is a license for Apple to print money. But that can't be true, can it?!READ MORE
When AirPods launched, one developer created the handy app Finder for AirPods to help you locate a misplaced AirPod. Apple killed this off, claiming that it was “inappropriate for the App Store.” At least now Apple has incorporated the same functionality right inside iOS.
In iOS 10.3 and above, you can locate your AirPods using the Find My iPhone app. Make sure your device is up to date by visiting Settings > General > Software Update. Then, open Find My iPhone, which is pre-installed on all iOS devices.
On the app’s main screen, you’ll see a list of My Devices at the bottom of the page. Tap on [Name]’s AirPods to locate them. Because AirPods don’t have their own internet connection, the app estimates the last location where the AirPods were connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Thus, this feature is more useful finding an AirPod that slipped under the couch cushion than one you lost when you were riding the bus. The app also won’t find AirPods that are in the case.
To help find your AirPods, you can tap the Play Sound button (you may have to tap Actions to show this) at the bottom of their location page. This will play a sound through both earbuds, increasing in volume. If you’re only missing one, you can tap Mute left/right to stop the sound from that AirPod.
If you’re not impressed with AirPods, check out the best affordable alternatives.Should You Buy AirPods? 5 Affordable AirPod Alternatives for All Devices Should You Buy AirPods? 5 Affordable AirPod Alternatives for All DevicesThe Apple AirPods cost a fortune and doesn't offer great audio quality. We've covered five affordable AirPod alternatives ranging from $20 to $150.READ MORE
Do you own AirPods? Have you ever lost them? Let us know how you located your lost earbuds down in the comments!
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