Thursday, March 16, 2017

Delivery of Baby in Train!

Mumbai Local Stops For 30 Mins As Passengers And
 Doctors Help Woman Deliver A Baby In Train
There is something about Mumbai and its people 
you just cannot describe in a few words. Whenever there
 is a problem, people unite and face the problem together. 
That is what makes ‘the spirit of Mumbai’ something
 of a lore for the outsiders.
The people of Mumbai proved their worth again 
as a pregnant woman went into labour in a Mumbai 
local late at night around 10.15 PM. She was on the 
way to Sion hospital because she was 
experiencing abdominal pain.
The 22-year-old woman was traveling with her husband
 from Ambivali to Sion. She started experiencing pains 
at Thane and it became unbearable by Dadar.
The husband asked for help from the other commuters. 
They alerted the on-duty police officers and they 
pulled the chain to halt the train. The doctors posted at 
the Dadar station came out to help and they delivered
 a healthy baby girl!
The women commuters also helped the woman deliver
 the baby. The mother and the baby were then taken to
 the Sion hospital for further treatment.
The important thing was that even when the train was
 halted for full 30 minutes, no one complained or grumbled 
and everyone pitched in and helped the woman 
deliver her baby.
The incident was so intense that the woman’s husband 
even forgot his own mother at the station! He found her
 sitting on the platform after he went back to look for her.
The story is a testament to the spirit of Mumbai. 
They say life moves so tremendously fast in the Maximum City.
 But they always have time to help the other people out
 during times of distress.


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