Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How To Unsend Accidental Emails In Gmail

By Ben Stegner
Though we try to double-check, sometimes sending an email gets the best of us. Whether you forget to add an attachment you referenced, make a stupid typo, or forget to CC someone, you’ve probably wished you could recall an email at one time or another.
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Thankfully, email clients have started to catch up to this problem, helping us avoid embarrassment. In Gmail, the experimental Labs area (a collection of power user features not quite ready for public consumption) used to house this option. Now, it’s become available for all Gmail users. Here’s how to enable it.
Open Gmail and click on the gear in the top-right above your inbox, followed by Settings. Scroll down about a third of the way through the page and you should see the Undo Send option (right above the stars). By default, this is turned off, but enabling it triggers a pop-up allowing you to recall your message from 5–30 seconds after you send it.

Thus, if you hit Send (or use a keyboard shortcut) to fire off an email and instantly feel regret, you no longer have to worry. A quick click on the resulting ribbon will bring back the message to the safety of your drafts.
There’s really no reason to keep this feature disabled, as it’s better to have the option to recall and not use it than to wish you had it. What will Gmail think of next?
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Have you ever had to recall an email? Share your embarrassing email stories down in the comments!
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