Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Batman!

The Ultimate Guide to the Iconic Batmobile

The Ultimate Guide to the Iconic Batmobile
If there was ever a vehicle that everyone in the world is familiar with, it would have to be the Batmobile. This car has been seen in some of the top-grossing movies, video games, comics, and even out in the real world. It’s easily one of the most iconic vehicles ever to grace pop culture.
With that in mind, there are plenty of cool infographics out there that provide information on Batman’s beloved car. Some feature detailed looks at the car and its cost, while others provide with a look at the different Batmobiles used throughout history. Today, we are going to take a look at an image that shows you a detailed breakdown of the history of the Batmobile, with a look at the different gadgetsfeatured on each, and even a morphing GIF that shows you how the look has changed over time. Check it out, and get ready to become a Batman aficionado.
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infographic-headerGQCdVIY (1)BatmobileInfographic

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