Thursday, December 25, 2014

Home Tips That'll Make Your Life Easier

not (or may) have thought of, that will make daily life just a bit simpler!
home tips
Instead of contacts - Pills!
Instead of carrying around bottles 
or packages, put your 
lens box. This way you don't have 
will be safe and secure in this handy 
Take notice: This method may not 
be good for people who have small 
children who may go through their 
bags and swallow the pills. 
home tips
home tips
Matchbox for sewing
Empty a matchbox or use an old one. 
Insert some needles, strings, safety 
pins and buttons that will serve you 
as an emergency sewing kit for quick 
Using straws to keep necklaces from getting bundled up
If you're going on a trip and want to pack various jewelery like necklaces and bracelets. Instead of throwing them in a box and spend a lot of time trying to unbind them from each other, thread a straw through the end of each piece of jewelerry, so it stays exactly the same! 
home tips
home tips 
Multi-purpose Toilet Paper 
Roll - part 1
WAIT! Before you throw that roll of 
toilet paper away, you can actually 
do quite a bit with it. 
For example, a roll of toilet paper is 
a perfect solution to keep cables 
from getting too bound with each 
Multi-purpose Toilet Paper Roll - part 2
Another handy option is to use it as a device to hold hair pins and bands, which as we know, have a tendency to get lost. 
home tips 
home tips
Plastic bag on demand
Forget about the pile of plastic 
bags you are hoarding under the 
sink or putting one inside the other 
to make a puffed up ball. Make their 
storage a lot more pleasing to the 
Find an old tissue box, insert plastic 
bags in good condition, and just pull 
them out one by one when you need 
to. It'll look nicer and give you a handy option in any room of the house.
Oiling your shoes
Shine your leather shoes using plant oil.
At first, use a soft, moist towel to remove the dirt and dust, and then drip a little oil on a moist cloth. Rub the oiled cloth gently against the shoes and you will have a shining solution! 
home tips
home tips
Camera or phone in a soap box
If you've lost your camera satchel, 
it isn't the end of the world! You can 
still keep it safe. Find a plastic soap 
box, make sure the size is right so 
the camera doesn't move inside and 
suffer hits - and there's another 
creative solution! 
If you want to toast some bread and add a piece of cheese, there's no need to use the oven - just put the toaster carefully on its side and do the same with the bread and cheese to get cheese toast. 
home tips
home tips
Shoes in a shower cap
A shower cap is a convenient, 
clean and easy to fit solution for 
packing shoes.
Instead of carrying around noisy 
plastic bags or suffer the dirty 
shoes touching your clean clothes, 
use this delicate hat and its high 
quality rubber to store and carry 
around shoes easily. 
Clean corn
Use a new and clean tooth brush to brush the fibers off the corn cobs, and to make it ready for lunch quickly and efficiently.  
home tips
home tips
This glass won't slip
If you want to avoid having a glass 
slip from between your fingers, put 
a few rubber bands around it, and 
it'll never slip again!
Manicure kit
A safe and easy way to carry your manicure set from place to place (scissors, nail file etc.)  is by putting these sharp items in a plastic box meant for glasses. Of course, make sure it doesn't already have glasses inside... The hard plastic will keep the pointy ends from doing damage and is extremely easy to carry. 
home tips
home tips
Handy boxes
Audio cassettes may not be in 
use anymore, but you can still 
use their plastic casings.
If you want to keep earphone 
cables or USB cables from 
intertwining, use these boxes 
to loop them around neatly, 
and they are also transparent 
and compact, perfect for checking 
that the cables haven't made knots! 
Removing stubborn stains
A lemon is very useful in removing stubborn stains from plastic or wood cutting surfaces. Squeeze half a lemon on the surface, rub well and let it sit for 20 minutes before washing. 
home tips
home tips
A magnet in the medicine cabinet
To prevent your metal tools (scissors, 
tweezeers, file, or any other small 
metal objects) from getting lost in 
your cabinet, glue a small magnet 
in the inner side of the cabinet, so 
they are never out of reach... 
From frame to tray
Don't want your old picture anymore? No problem! Turn it into a handy and decorated tray! 
home tips
home tips
Safety clip
If you're going on an errand and 
don't want to carry your keys and 
wallet with you, use this clip to carry 
both key and money without losing 
Metal foil on handles
Painting around door or window handles is always a bit of a problem, and plastic bags usually take too much space around them. A great solution is just using metal foil to wrap the handles tightly, and to remove after you're done painting! 
home tips
home tips
Popcorn to the rescue
Instead of using styrofoam or 
paper to keep a package from 
damage, just use popcorn!


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