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TextExpander 4

50% Off TextExpander 4, Ends September 13

50% Off TextExpander 4, Ends September 13

By Jackson Chung
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Whether you’re a coder or writer, if you find yourself typing the same sentences over and over again, you need TextExpander. And now that it’s available at just $16.99, there’s no reason not to get it!

TextExpander is an extremely powerful text expansion and productivity application that every Mac user should install. With a few keystrokes, you’re able to insert multiple lines of text which can be quite useful in various settings, and not to mention, it saves you a lot of time. Even if you were to shave 30 seconds everyday just by expanding something as simple as your home address, it adds up over a few years. Personally, I prefer to perform mundane tasks as quickly as possible, so I use TextExpander religiously.
Let’s take a look at what TextExpander is capable of.

Expand Text

TextExpander’s single most important feature is the ability to expand text — whether it’s formatted or plain text, pictures, Applescript and shell script. It can also insert fill-ins for variable and clipboard content, which means that, along with your snippet, TextExpander can automatically type out whatever’s copied to the clipboard, times and dates, as well as keystrokes.
You could use TextExpander to:
  • Type out your external IP address or any fixed IP address for that matter
  • Build a library of email signatures for various occasions
  • Expand repetitive lines of HTML or code
  • Expand long URLs
  • Composed emails based on templates
  • Type out your full address in a second
textexpander 1   50% Off TextExpander 4, Ends September 13

Dropbox Sync

If you think $16.99 is a good deal, then this will probably sweeten it for you: a single license may activate TextExpander on any computer you use. And to help get your snippets across, TextExpander allows you to sync the entire database with Dropbox. Add a new snippet on your desktop, and it’s ready for use on your laptop. How wonderful is that?
textexpander 2   50% Off TextExpander 4, Ends September 13

For A Limited Time

This deal won’t last forever. To be exact, it’ll be gone on September 13. So make sure to get TextExpander for Mac at just $16.99 right now!
In order to run TextExpander 4, you need to be running OS X 10.7 or later. Again, you may use the same license on multiple computers as long as you’re the only user. Your license will be instantly available after purchase, and there’s a 30-day refund policy.
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