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10 Handy iPhone Apps You May Not Be Aware Of

By   Brad Jones  

You may not have heard have these apps, but they all deserve a spot on your home screen.
There are many apps that the majority of us have installed on our iPhones: the Whatsapps, Instagrams, and Ubers of the App Store. But iOS is also home to a bevy of lesser-known apps that are no less useful.
Every entry on this list offers up some kind of functionality that will come in handy sooner or later. These ten pieces of software will give your iPhone even more utility than it has right now.Apple Announces iPhone X & iPhone 8: Everything You Need to Know Apple Announces iPhone X & iPhone 8: Everything You Need to KnowWhat's so special about the iPhone X? Can you really justify the $999 price tag, or is the refined iPhone 8 a better buy?READ MORE

1. Flic (Free, In-App Purchases)

Do you constantly find yourself running out of space on your phone? Here’s an app that can help you take care of that, by making it easy to sort through your photos and videos.
It’s easy to end up with a huge library of images on your iPhone, most of which you might never look at again. Flic uses a Tinder-style swipe right/swipe left mechanic to let you tear through your photo collection and free up some space.
flic ios app
You might be surprised by how many out of focus, blurry, or otherwise undesirable shots you’ve taken and forgotten about. There’s no point in using up space with these images, so download Flic and take out the trash.

2. OverDrive (Free)

OverDrive is an absolutely essential app for bookworms based in the U.S. By registering an account and adding a valid library card, you can “borrow” digital copies of a whole host of ebooks and audiobooks. There’s even film and television content that you can stream via the app.
onedrive ios app
It’s even more handy if you make regular trips to the library in person, as you can place a hold on items and go pick them up at your leisure.
What’s more, you can keep your place in whatever book you’re reading, even when you switch devices. Your OverDrive account will sync your bookmarks and libraries across all your iOS (and even Android) hardware.How to Collect Cliff Notes with OneNote How to Collect Cliff Notes with OneNoteTaking notes on books you're reading? Do it in OneNote and create your own cliff notes collection. We'll show you how!READ MORE

3. Flush (Free)

We’ve all been there. You’re in an unfamiliar place, you need the bathroom, and you just can’t find one. Thankfully, there’s an app that can ensure that this will never happen again.
flush ios app
Flush uses your phone’s GPS to point you in the direction of the nearest toilets, so that you can do your business as soon as possible. It even provides a surprising amount of information about the commode in question.How Does GPS Tracking Work and What Can You Track With It? How Does GPS Tracking Work and What Can You Track With It?GPS. We know it as the technology that guides us from A to B. But GPS is more than that. There is a world of possibility, and we don't want you to miss out.READ MORE
You’ll be able to know ahead of time whether you’ll have to pay for the luxury, for instance. There are even reviews, although it can be somewhat disconcerting to find that your chosen bathroom is rated 1/5 if there’s no other option.

4. Forest ($1.99)

As this list demonstrates, there is no shortage of interesting apps for your iPhone. That can make the device something of a distraction, even with the best will in the world. Forest offers up a way to keep your mind on the task at hand.7 iOS Apps to Power Up Your Mac Experience 7 iOS Apps to Power Up Your Mac ExperienceThese apps allow your iPhone or iPad to compliment your Mac, letting them work together.READ MORE
The goal of the app is to grow a tree — but to do so, you’ll need to leave it open, and refrain from switching to any other apps on your phone. Basically, the longer you can go without touching your device, the more success you’ll have.
forst ios app
This is a great way to maintain your focus, but you can do some good at the same time. If you earn enough credit, the team behind the app will donate to Trees for the Future to have a tree planted in the real world.

5. Fog of World ($4.99)

One of the best parts of adventure games is exploring the landscape and seeing your map populate with the places you visit. Fog of World translates that experience to real life.Nothing Boring Here - These 5 Adventure Games are Big on Action Nothing Boring Here - These 5 Adventure Games are Big on ActionDon't give up on adventure games! There are plenty of adventure games that shake up the genre by adding in some action. Here are a few adventure-action hybrid games that you might enjoy!READ MORE
When you first start out with the app, all you’ll see is a thick fog. It’ll track your movements and remove this fog as you travel to new places, keeping a record of everywhere you go.
fog of world ios app
Looking at the portion of the map you’ve uncovered is satisfying in itself, but Fog of World records this information is several very cool ways. You can see which countries you’ve ticket off by continent, and even chase achievements linked to world geography and historical events.

6. CamScanner (Free, In-App Purchases)

Digital scanners are cheaper than ever before, but they’re still a little fiddly, and they can take up a lot of space. CamScanner lets you get the same results from your iPhone.The 7 Best Mobile Document Scanner Apps The 7 Best Mobile Document Scanner AppsYou don't need a scanner if you have a smartphone! With these Android, iOS, and Windows apps scanning is at your fingertips. Scan, save to PDF, and be done.READ MORE
Just take a photograph of the document you want to scan, and the app will enhance the image to make sure its as legible as possible. It’s great if you need to submit a form online, or if you’re a student and you want to share study materials with a friend.
camscanner ios app
The scanning functionality is the star here, but there are several other features that will appeal to power users. It’s possible to annotate your documents, search the text contained within, and even share and collaborate with others inside the app.

7. Tab (Free)

Going out for a meal with a bunch of friends is great fun — until it comes to an end and no one has the mental maths ability to divvy up the bill. Tab offers up an easy way to make sure that everyone pays their fair share.The Best Way to Find Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants Nearby The Best Way to Find Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants NearbyVeganism isn't just a fad anymore, but it can still be troublesome to find accommodating restaurants and establishments. Here's how to find vegan-friendly restaurants when you're in need.READ MORE
One diner simply takes a photo of the bill, which everyone can then access by inputting a one-time-use code. From there, everyone can claim the items that they ordered, and see what they owe.
tab ios app
Tab is lightweight, minimalist, and it gets the job done. Don’t expect it to solve the argument that breaks out when someone wants to tip less than 20 percent, though.

8. Tunity (Free)

Besides being there in the stadium, a sports bar is about the best place to be in terms of atmosphere when there’s a big game on. That said, sometimes it would be nice to hear live commentary over the din of other patrons.5 Awesome Sites to Exchange or Buy Tickets for Sports, Concerts, and More 5 Awesome Sites to Exchange or Buy Tickets for Sports, Concerts, and MoreThere are plenty of sites on the side where you can buy, swap, and exchange other people's unwanted tickets. Here are five of the best.READ MORE
That’s where Tunity comes in. Point it at a TV screen, and it’ll detect what’s being broadcast. Then it’ll pump out the audio from your phone, meaning that you can keep up with whatever is being said.
tunity ios app
Bars are obviously the biggest use case here, but the app can also come in handy in the gym, in the waiting area at an airport, or in countless other scenarios. It’s especially useful for anyone with troubling hearing that would benefit from having a personal speaker.

9. Grid Diary (Free)

Do you wish you had the perseverance to keep a diary, but struggle to find things to write about every day? Grid Diary could be the solution.Keep an Automated Personal Diary With IFTTT and Smart Gadgets Keep an Automated Personal Diary With IFTTT and Smart GadgetsThanks to smart gadgets, we can now record these little moments to review later. Here are some of the ways smart gadgets can help you document and enrich your life.READ MORE
As the name suggests, the app lets users keep a diary in the form of a grid. Each section of the grid features a different prompt — you can either write your own, or select from a varied library.
grid diary ios app
Grid Diary makes sure that keeping a record of each day is fun, by splitting the writing process into smaller questions that are easy to complete. Give it a try, and you might surprise yourself with how easy it is to squeeze into your daily routine.

10. Dark Sky ($3.99)

There are countless different weather apps available for iOS — Apple’s own version is pretty good, for one. However, it’s worth taking a look at Dark Sky, because of its focus on making weather reporting easily actionable.Google Maps Is All You Need for Real-Time Weather Data Google Maps Is All You Need for Real-Time Weather DataDid you know that Google Maps includes real-time weather data? Here's how to make the most of it.READ MORE
While other options might just give you facts and figures, Dark Sky attempts to do more with this data. For instance, you might be told that light rain is likely to start in a few minutes time, which gives you a better hope of avoiding unpleasant conditions than a more traditional percentage chance of precipitation.
dark sky ios app
The app’s slick design presents a lot of information without every seeming overly complex or difficult to navigate. If other weather forecasting services haven’t met your needs, this is a good one to consider.

Dig Deep

The biggest hits on the App Store generally top the charts for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that less popular apps are somehow inferior. Some of the best software for your iPhone might be almost unheard of, but it’s well worth hunting down.
Do you have another addition to our list? Or do you have a review of one the apps in this article? Either way, why not join the conversation in the comments section below!
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