Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How iOS 11 Fundamentally Changes The iPad

Will iOS 11 convince people to use iPad as their main computer?

Releasing this September, iOS 11 appears to have been targeted at a very specific audience – current and potential iPad owners. With iOS 11 Apple’s intention of offering iPad as the main computer for the masses is absolutely clear. To highlight this, Market Inspector has created an infographic that details some of the mainiPad-specific iOS 11 features.
Since the dawn of iOS, a number of features have been added, however, a native file management system was sorely missing all these years. This year, iOS 11 not only brings a brand-new file management application, but also inherits many things from the macOS. To illustrate, the new dock at the bottom of the iPad and the new app switcher appear to be clones of the macOS counterparts. New multitasking gestures make it possible to drag and drop files across applications and the enhanced pencil and notes functionalities bring a lot of value for the iPad users.
Apple has also taken the initiative to clean up the multi-pane control centre and unify numerous functionalities in one pane with the help of toggles. What is even better is that these toggles are end-user customisable. The keyboard has also been updated. Now it is possible to add symbols and other characters without leaving the main interface. A simple flick would do the trick.
There are many more changes that come bundled within the iOS 11. However, this iteration of iOS is Apple’s attempt at closing the gap between iOS and macOS. While programmers and designers will continue to flock to the mac, will these changes make regular users switch to an iPad? This is not an easy question to answer and ultimately depends upon the needs to the individual. Though, as far as basic office tasks are concerned, it is hard to overlook the potential of iOS 11 and the iPad.
iOS11_features _infographic

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