Saturday, May 23, 2015

How to be a Smartphone Photographer

Everything You Need to be a Smartphone Photographer for Just $59.99

By Dave LeClair
Here’s a little secret for you: if you own a smartphone you actually have a really fantastic camera at your disposal whenever you need it. Depending on the phone, you’ll often find cameras that rival dedicated point-and-shoot offerings.
The problem with smartphone cameras is a lack of flexibility. While regular cameras have lenses that expand and contract for a wider range of optical zoom, smartphones just can’t do that.
But what you can do is pick up this awesome bundle of smartphone camera equipment from MakeUseOf Deals. Normally selling for $99, you can get it all for a limited time for just $59.99!

TRNDlabs Smartphone Photo Bundle Features

You’re going to be getting a lot of stuff with this bundle. Breaking it down quickly, so you can just hit the buy link and snag it while it’s still on sale, you’ll find a total of six lenses, a case for your phone, a tripod, and a convenient roll up case for keeping it all together and carrying it around with you.
As for the lenses, you’ll find four small lenses that hook onto the phone with magnets and two larger ones that attach via the included case. The smaller lenses included are a fisheye, a wide angle, a macro and a 2X telephoto. As we mentioned, these can be quickly attached to your phone at any time with magnets.
Moving on to the big lenses, you’ll find an 8X telephoto and 60x magnifying lens. For using these, you’ll need to attach them to the included case. With these lenses you can capture photos from incredibly far away, or you can get closer to your subject than you ever thought you could with a smartphone.
It’s not just about the lenses, though, because you’ll also get a table top tripod that you can use for stabilizing your smartphone photos. This will allow to capture images with a level of stability that you probably didn’t think you could get with a phone.
The case is available for all iPhone models (4/4S, 5/5S, 6, and 6 Plus), and the Samsung Galaxy S5. When you decide to jump over to MakeUseOf Deals to purchase a lens set for yourself, simply choose the phone model you want from the dropdown menu and get the one that works with your model phone.

Hurry, This Deal Ends Soon!

This deal is only available for a limited time, so you need to act soon! Your smartphone has a fantastic camera, but it can do so much more, and this TRNDlabs Smartphone Photo Bundle from MakeUseOf Deals has everything you need to take amazing photos from your smartphone. Whether you want to capture sprawling landscapes from great distances or tiny insects from inches away, theres’ a lens for the job!  

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